Mostly Black and White - Double-S-Posure
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Overhead (2):

It’s that time of year, again.

The temperatures are warming, the snow is melting, the ice if off the lakes and rivers, where ever there’s a strong current.

The only thing missing is colour. Everything looks kind of drab.

What to do? Use black and white !!!

This image is of a fairly strongly back lit floating dock just above the discharge of Wabigoon Lake. It consists of black plastic “pillows”, pinned together. For a result with a bit more pop, I increased the contrast and inverted the images 180 degrees to give it the appearance of a ceiling of some sort.

Gotta play !!!

invertedupsidedownblackwhiteabstractspringseasonscenescenerylandscapenorthnorthernnorthwesterndrydenontariocanadawabigoonlakedockwarfdouble s posuredoublesposurestan wojtaszek